Three Phase Pressure Washer Udor B Series BC1520 Pump, 415V, 200Bar 15Ltr/Min

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Pump Specification

  • Pump Udor B Series BC1520
  • Water Flow 15 Lpm
  • Pressure 200 Bar
  • Rotation 1450 Rpm
  • Motor 7.5 Hp, 5.5 kW
  • Flexible Coupling 
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Factory Customized Electrical Box

The pump is assembled with flexible coupling to keep the temperature of the pump and motor separated during operation. Using a direct coupling pump/hollow shaft motor during operation time there will sometime be a seizure and will be very difficult to separate the pump from the motor during maintenance. Using flexible coupling will eliminate this problem and keep the costs down benefiting from longer working hours. Less heat, fewer costs, less money. 


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